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What is my shoe number?

To know what size fits you best, all you must do is measure your foor and check with the manufacturer’s tables to know your number.

How do i measure my foot?

It’s best to measure your feet in the evening or at night time, when they’re the most swollen. You should measure both feet and use the biggest one for reference.
If you can get someone’s aid, it is advised you measure your feet while standing. Otherwinse, you can do it while sitting, provided you put in some pressure so your feet are flat on the floor.

Measurments can be done in two ways:

  • By drawing the outline of your feet in a sheet of paper and measuring it using a ruler the distance between your heel and your big toe
  • By putting two boxes on opposite ends of your feet and measuring the distance between them using a ruler

Which shoe size should i order?

If you’ve measured your feet in centimeters, all you must do is check the manufacturer’s tables.
Your shoe size should also depend on the type of shoe and the season it is meant to be worn in.

During the winter, as it is common to wear thick socks, it is advised to order larger numbers, whereas for lighter shoes the number indicated in the tables should be enough.


Usually boots’ sizes are bigger than regular shoes so, for example,  if you wear 41.5 size shoes then you should order 42 size boots.


Is it too tight?

Some shoes have an inner pad which can be removed or replaced by a thinner one.
If you’re wearing leather shoes you should expect them to swallow a bit with use, however, you can take them to a shoemaker who can enlargen them by placing an appropriate mold inside it for a few hours. This is especially useful when it is too tight on the sides but is the correct length. It it’s too tight lengthwise, its best to exchange it for a larger number.


Is ti too big?

Try to put on some thicker socks or an extra padding.

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