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The ordering process is made up of the following phases:

1-adding the items you wish to aquire to the shopping cart, after reading its descriptions.
2-Customer authentication to be able to load your information, use available vouchers and customer card points. If you are not logged in you are given the possibility to log in to an already existing account or create a new one by signing in
3-check the item list in your shopping cart, its amount and customer card points you can use, making sure there are no mistakes. The item list can be checked at any time.
4-inniciating the final ordering phase can only be done after being logged in to an account. If an error occurs during this step you should try it again, provided you are logged in to an account.
5-In the fist stage of the final ordering phase the client should choose the method of delivery among the ones that are available and take notice of its costs. In this stage you can also select the shipping address you wish of the ones that are associated with your account or an entirely new one, as well as indicate relevant information for the delivery process.
6- in the second step of the final ordering phase the client is required to choose a method of payment available, being able to choose the billing address and include relevant information for the delivery process or alter previously given information.
7-The third and final step of the final odering phase consists in the presentation of all the specifications of the order, allowing for the identification of possible mistakes and providing the meins to correct them, returning you to the respective stage. To conclude your order you must confirm that all the information is correct and you want to follow through with your order which, in this stage, is only a commercial proposal and is only vinculative to EMOCIONSPORT, SA, which, when accepted, will be confirmed through an email.
8-after this confirmation the system depends on the method of payment chosen.

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