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Terms and conditions of use of bstrongstore.com store

  1. Domain ownership
  2. Purpose and Scope
  3. Information on contents
  4. Responsibilities
  5. Customer and user obligations
  6. Privacy and Personal Data Protection
  7. Order fulfillment online
  8. Product availabilities
  9. Warranties and returns
  10. Conditions for purchases made in www.bstrongstore.com
  11. Order cancelation
  12. Applicable Legislations
  13. GDPR

1 - Domain ownership

The bstrongstore.com domain falls under the "Rules of Domain Name Registration .EU” to the legal deposit No. 340473/12, held by EMOCIONSPORT, SA,with the company’s headquarters situated in NORTESHOPPING, 111 Sara Afonso street, 4460-841 Matosinhos-Porto, store 608, registered in Conservatoria do Registo Comercial, number 506 656 829.

2 - Purpose and Scope

The current General Terms And Conditions Of Use apply to those who visit bstrongstore.com and any commercial transactions made through the BSTRONG store available in it.

Browsing the website, as well as acquiring any product, implies the acceptance of the current General Terms And Conditions Of Use by the customer and the user.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA reserves the right to change these conditions without previous notice, with any changes being published in bstrongstore.com.

3 - Information on contents

Bstrongstore.com is intended for private use only. The reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of any of the website’s contents without previous written consent is forbidden for any other ends other than strictly private.
EMOCIONSPORT, SA reserves the right to change at any time the information and commercial offers presented of: products, prices, discounts, commercial conditions and services.

It is strictly forbidden to introduce links from our website for commercial purposes without previous consent from EMOCIONSPORT, SA. The same way that the use of the bstrongstore.com domain with abusive intents, and without previous consent, may warrant EMOCIONSPORT, SA to use legal means. In the eventuality of links appearing in other websites which give access to bstrongstore.com, we inform EMOCIONSPORT,SA does not have any responsibility neither on the websites’ origin or its contents.

We are open to accept any typographical error that may happen in order to fix it promptly.
In case the product’s information does not correspond to its charecteristics, the customer has the right to cancel the purchase contract under the applicable legal terms.

The pictures presented in the website are merely illustrative. We advise you to check the product’s details for any information on its characteristics.

The products’ prices and specifications are subject to change without previous notice
Despite EMOCIONSPORT, SA’s efforts some products may appear with the wrong price, (due to a delay in the website’s retification) so we always check its price while processing the order.If the product’s price is lower than presented, we will return the difference. If the price is higher, we will inform the customer and let him decide wheter to follow through or cancel the order.

Bstrongstore.com’s virtual catalogue is independent from our publicly open stores, both in prices and stocking.
All sales are under limited stock and may be online exclusive. In case the product is no longer available or not in stock, you will be informed of the partial or total canceling of your order with the right to be reimbursed of the amount paid.
All contractual informations are written in Portuguese, as well as product’s informations, email communications and completion of the sale.

4 - Responsibilities

All products commercialized through bstrongstore.com are in conformity with the Portuguese law.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA denies any responsibility in the case of violation of the country’s law where the order is delivered. It is up to the customer to verify with the local authorities the importing or product use laws.

EMOCIONSPORT,SA is not responsible for any losses that may occur from interference, interruption, informatic viruses, or any malfunctions that occur on the operating system that may halt, temporarily, the access and browsing of bstrongstore.com or customer services.

5 - Cliente and user's obligations

The Customer and User shall comply with these general conditions and to respect them. You commit to fullfil the following obligations:

1)It is forbidden to introduce, store or distribute through the website any diffamatory, obscene, hurtful, xenophobic and/or any other content that violates the general principles of right and public order.
2)Storing and not disclosing your loggin password in the website to prevent third parties to accessing your bstrongstore.com account
3)Not using fake identities
4)Providing accurate personal data and addresses so that EMOCIONSPORT, SA can process orders correctly.

The client is responsible for the veracity of the data given to EMOCIONSPORT, SA and commits to update immediately their bstrongstore.com account with any changes that may happen.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA denies any responsibility for an eventual delay or impossibility of processing the order, namely in the act of delivery, that may come from an error or insufficient data provided by the client. The use of this website is subject to the terms and contitions od use previously defined by EMOCIONSPORT, SA, being its sole holder. It is thus strictly forbidden for its users to convey hurtful, deceiving, perjuring or obscene messages or information that violates in any way the right to intimacy or the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, as well as providing any information that may be hurtful to third parties or the website’s holder.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA reserves the right to eliminate the user’s account if any previously mentioned wrongdoings occur.

6 - Privacy and personal data protection

In compliance with the Law 67/98 of 26 of October, under Proteção de Dados Pessoais, we inform that the processing of personal data gathered in the bstrongstore.com website is the responsibility of EMOCIONSPORT, SA, with their headquarters located in Norteshopping, store 608, 4460-841 Matosinhos, registeres in Conservatória do Registo Comercial with the number 506656829.

The data gathered in the website is destined for the processing of orders and communications with the customers, processing information requests and eventual complaints, statistical analysis, as well as its use for marketing effects.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA guarantees absolut confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. EMOCIONSPORT, SA uses perfected techniches to prevent any loss or manipulation of the data provided, treating it in a safe and secure manner. We inform that the open network collection allows the flow of personal data without any security conditions, risking being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Every client has the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their data. If you will, at any moment, you can stop being a part of bstrongstore.com ‘s database by reaching us through: Email: store@bstrongstore.com
Letter: Norteshopping, store 422- Senhora da Hora 4460-841 Matosinhos
Site: www.bstrongstore.com

7 - Online Order fulfillment

The shipping costs stipulated in the checkout process of the online store can be altered based on changes on the contract established between EMOCIONSPORT, SA and CTT Expresso. Any purchases over €60 made through bstrongstore.com are shipped for free to mainland Portugal.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA informs that prices presented in bstrongstore.com can differ from the prices in our physical BSTRONG stores.

All sales have limited stock.

As soon as you finish your purchase you will receive an automatic email confirmingthe transaction. In the eventuality the data isn’t correct, you can immediately request its change, or even the cancelation of the order.

8 - Product availability

EMOCIONSPORT, SA will only process an order made by a client after checking the available stock. The item in question is thus reserved until confirmation of payment is made. It usually takes 1 to 4 days to ship the product. EMOCIONSPORT, SA only shipps during week days. This wau neither the weekends nor bank holidays are taken into consideration for this estimation.

In any case the delivery date estimation Is merely indicative. If the item ordered is no readily available, EMOCIONSPORT, SA may opt to inform the client of the delay, who can cancel the order if they so desire. Any delay verified during shipping which does not follow the estimated date for arrival does not give you the right for a reimbursement

9 - Warranties and returns

EMOCIONSPORT, SA accepts exchanges and returns of its itmes for up to 14 days, as long as they have not been used. The client/user has the right to complain about any defect, incorretion or inadequacy of the produt relatively to what was ordered.

Shipping expenses originated by exchanges or returns are up to the client. In this case, only the value of the items is returned.

If the reason for return is a logistical error by EMOCIONSPORT, SA, only after getting in touch with the customer will we proceed to the items retrieval, assuming its returning costs and the shipping costs of the correct item.

EMOCIONSPORT, SA does not accept returns shipped through payed ports or counter reimbursement. All items are subject to a conctractual warranty, which does not preclude its legar warranties.

Legal warranties associated to a product, when applied, are provided by EMOCIONSPORT, SA’s suppliers and must be activated according th the legal documentation that follows with the item. The invoice serves as proof of purchase and the beginning of the legal warranty.

10 - Conditions for purchases made in www.bstrongstore.com

The client may cancel their order at any moment up until its delivery, with the right to be reimbursed the payed ammounts. As soon as the client receives their order, they may execute their right to withdrawl in the expected legal terms mentioned below.

The non-payment of the order within 2 (two) days after the date in which it was made will lead to its automatic cancelation.
BSTRONG’s product catalogue is independent to our physical stores, both in prices and stocking.

All sales have limited exclusive stock for online shopping. In case a product is unavailable/not in stock, you will be informed of the partial or total cancelation of your order with the right to be reimbursed the amount payed.

Despite EMOCIONSPORT, SA’s efforts some products may appear with the wrong price, so we always check its price while processing the order. If the product’s price is lower than presented, we will return the difference. If the price is higher, we will inform the customer of the correct price and let them decide wheter to follow through or cancel the order. According to Law 7/2004 of January 7th, regarding electronic commerce, EMOCIONSPORT, SA reserves the right to unilaterally cancel the order if a programing error, EMOCIONSPORT, SA computer malfunction or an unwanted change in the contract is detected that falls over an essencial part of the contract.

11 - Cancellation of Orders

The return and exchange of items must respect the following terms:

Restitution of the items in good conditions, with the original pacagin and accompanied with its invoice.
Personalized itens will not be accepted for exchanges according to the client’s specifications.
After getting in contact with store@bstrongstore.com and being provided the instructions to return, you may ship us the item, properly wrapped, with the original package to the following address:

Apoio ao cliente BSTRONG
Norteshopping- Loja 0422
Senhora da Hora
4460-841 Matosinhos

All items are checked when they get to us and will only be accepted for returning or exchanging if they meet the respective terms.
If you opt for a reimbursement, we inform that:
The reimbursement is made through the same mean of payment or Store credit (to be used in a future purchase), according to the client’s will. In the case of a wire transfer, we request that you provide us the NIB to quickly process the return.
In the eventuality you receive a damaged item, EMOCIONSPORT, SA will schedule its retrieval in a location indicated by the client, in the same are as it was shipped, without any extra costs to the client. The return will be made after verifying the product’s condition.
EMOCIONSPORT, SA reserves the right to not accept any items that do not follow these terms.

12 - Applicable legislation

All purchases made in bstrongstore.com are subject to the Portuguese law. Any conflict or divergence of the inerpretatin of the General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use will be submitted to the respective Portuguese Court
The current General Terms and Conditions of Contract and Use were updated on the 1st of May, 2016

13 - GDPR